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Benedict Cumberbatch interview:
'I'm not an overnight success.'

He’s played Pitt the Younger, Julian Assange and Stephen Hawking – now Benedict Cumberbatch is starring as Alan Turing in ‘The Imitation Game’

By Dave Calhoun     Tue Sep 30 2014

It’s 7.15 on a Saturday morning, and Benedict Cumberbatch is trying but failing to leave his Hampstead home and jump into a car to the airport. He keeps forgetting stuff, running back in, grabbing more things. ‘I’m useless at getting into a car. I always think of five things I have to have before I leave. It’s like threshold anxiety!’ This early hour is the only part of the day when the 38-year-old has a decent amount of time to talk, and he’s on the phone with me all the way to the check-in desk, talking fast about everything he’s up to…

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Photos by: © Dale May

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